{DID YOU KNOW} Physiotherapy can help you or your loved one recover from a stroke.

Physiotherapists play an integral role in stroke recovery and can help improve the lives of those who have suffered a stroke. Here are some of the ways physiotherapists provide assistance:

1. Physiotherapists are a key member of a healthcare team. A physiotherapist can work with you while you are in the hospital and once you return home from your hospital stay. The team from Life Therapies offers “Physio On The Go” services, with Tamara Bond-Vlad and Jagisha Sekhri providing home care orthopaedic and neurologic physiotherapy. These visits are offered to clients who have returned home from the hospital, along with any home-bound individuals, new mom’s and dad’s, busy professionals, or anyone who finds it difficult to visit during our regular office hours.

2. Post-stroke physiotherapy has a focus on restoring physical functions and mobility.

3. Physiotherapy is also beneficial for helping manage and reduce pain after stroke.

4. Physiotherapists will not only design customized treatment plans, but they can provide assistance in selecting the best mobility and assistive devices to help you make a safe recovery and to improve your physical activity.

5. Finally, physiotherapy following a stroke may include prevention tips and a program to help reduce risk factors for a second stroke.

To learn more about physiotherapy treatment or the Life Therapies practitioners, please visit https://www.lifetherapies.ca/services/physiotherapy/