What to expect on your first Physio visit

  If you've never visited a physiotherapist, you might be wondering what to expect. First things first, a physiotherapist will ask questions about the pain you are experiencing. They will then observe how you move, do strength tests, and look at how you walk. They will also look at areas around the pain - and [...]

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Decrease the frequency of headaches with Massage Therapy

Did you know that massage therapy can help decrease the frequency and severity of tension headaches? Research from Granada University in Spain found that a single session of massage therapy immediately effects perceived pain in patients with chronic tension headaches. So the next time a headache hits, try calling Life Therapies to book a last-minute [...]

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Bid Farewell to Neck Pain

Bid farewell to that pain in your neck with a visit to Life Therapies. This week, we have some availability for physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage therapy and acupuncture. Put yourself first. Schedule your appointment now! Welcome to Life Therapies: Helping You Master the Art of Pain-Free Living At our multidisciplinary clinic in Ottawa, we offer a [...]

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Osteopathy for All

Did you know Osteopathy can be used to treat people of all ages, including children? It can be used from infancy and up to treat a range of concerns including digestive issues, musculoskeletal injuries, even headaches. How can an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner help? Osteopathic Manual Practitioners use a holistic model, understanding that there is a [...]

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Osteopathic Appointments with Neil Melanson Now Available

Many of you have been asking about Neil Melanson's availability and we are thrilled to report Neil is now working at the Life Therapies clinic Monday to Friday from 9am to 3:30pm. Neil enjoys working with a diverse patient population, from maturing young adults to retirees who want to maintain peak health, and from desk-bound [...]

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Is Osteopathy For You?

Not sure if Osteopathy is for you? Many people are surprised to learn that Manual Osteopaths are adept at assisting with the restoration and maintenance of patient mobility. They also support optimal structural stability and overall body function. If your goal is to decrease pain and reduce discomfort, while improving your quality of life, it [...]

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Relaxing Manual Therapy in Ottawa

Our use of technology, from phones to computers, can lead to undesirable outcomes - including neck strain and shoulder pain. While many people seek help in the form of pain relievers, there is another option available - relaxing manual therapy! At Life Therapies in Ottawa, our practitioners all use non-invasive techniques to help reduce unwanted [...]

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Acupuncture and Reproductive Support

The theory and practice of acupuncture originated in China. It was first mentioned and recorded in documents dating a few hundred years before the Common Era. Earlier instead of needles sharpened stones and long sharp bones were used around 6000 BCE for acupuncture treatment. Alas, it would be fair to say acupuncture has played an essential role in traditional [...]

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