General Health and Wellness at Life Therapies | Ottawa

life_therapies_canal-26Natural holistic treatments are not just reserved for sports rehabilitation and other acute or chronic injuries. In fact, here at Life Therapies, our approach of blending the science of medicine with the art of healing actually has a great number of general health and wellness benefits, while having amazing preventative potential.

For example, osteopathy is based on the principle that the body has the ability to heal, and osteopathic care focuses on strengthening the musculoskeletal systems to treat existing conditions and to prevent illness. It can bring higher energy levels; an enhanced digestive system; and calmer, more relaxed breathing patterns.

Massage therapy is another natural preventative treatment and although it is most commonly used for relaxation and stress-related purposes or muscle and joint pain, it can also be useful for maintaining health and preventing illness by lowering high blood pressure, addressing depression and digestive problems, or boosting the immune system to get rid of toxins in the body.

Even yoga can be beneficial to promoting good health and can be used to treat arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia. Unlike more traditional forms of exercise and treatment, yoga’s incorporation of meditation and breathing can help to improve your mental well-being, give you mental clarity and calmness, increase body awareness, relaxes the mind, and sharpens concentration. Body and self-awareness, in particular, are very beneficial because it can help with early detection of physical problems or ailments and allow for early preventive action.

Prevention of many health issues is one of our core beliefs because through preventative measures many other potentially worse conditions may be avoided. The list below is just a sample of some of the general health and wellness issues we address through our traditional medical treatments at Life Therapies, including:

  • Health promotion;
  • Injury prevention;
  • Men’s health, including prostate, bladder, erectile dysfunction, and/or testicular pain;
  • Digestive issues such as irritable bowels, ulcerative colitis, or Chron’s disease;
  • Disorders, pathologies, cancers;
  • Health maintenance, and;
  • Palliative care.


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