Oh, how we love your messages 💗

Thank you for thinking of the Life Therapies team and checking in to see how we are doing. We, too, miss seeing you and look forward to meeting again in person.

In the meantime, please know you are welcome to contact our team at any time. We are here to offer guidance, suggestions and other ideas on how you can take care of yourself at home. Our physiotherapy and osteopathic manual practitioners are also available for eConsultations.


General Email info@lifetherapies.ca
Elliot Vlad (Osteopathic Manual Practitioner)  info@lifetherapies.ca
Tamara Bond-Vlad (Registered Physiotherapist) Tamara@lifetherapies.ca
Kimberly Robertson (Osteopathic Manual Practitioner) Kimberly@lifetherapies.ca
Jagisha Sekhri (Registered Physiotherapist) Jagisha@lifetherapies.ca
Bharat Sekhri (Registered Physiotherapist) Bharat@lifetherapies.ca
Sarah Martins (Registered Physiotherapist) Sarah@lifetherapies.ca