Big project at work? You probably don’t think twice about staying up late or getting up early to finish the task at hand.

Sick kids? Ask any Mom or Dad, and they will quickly admit they sacrifice sleep to ensure the little ones are surrounded with love and attention.

It should come as no surprise that when life’s burdens add up, the first thing we compromise is sleep. Even if you manage to get into bed at a decent hour, the worries of the day can niggle and nag all night long, to the point of restless sleep. Come the next morning, no amount of coffee or tea will jumpstart the body into cooperating.

The sleep cycle and sleep deprivation can do more than just make people cranky. It can also negatively impact every aspect of your life: relationships, heart health, mental health, and a weakened immune system. Insomnia can also lead to depression. All to say, sleep is very important.

The good news? Making time for regular massage therapy, either in-clinic or with our mobile massage therapy service, can do wonders for your quality of sleep!

Helping You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

– Massage has been proven to decrease anxiety and depression.

– Massage can help students clear their minds and decrease bodily tension before, during and after exams.

Can Massage Therapy Improve Your Sleep?

– Suffer from muscle pain? Massage therapy can soothe and ease sore, aching muscles that like to interrupt your sleep. After a massage, people with mild ailments to chronic pain indicate they get a better night sleep. This is due to the muscles, tendons and joints being loose and flexible.

– Athletes benefit from regular massages. The therapy is noted for helping improve the quality and quantity of sleep by easing off muscle pain, allowing an athlete to rest well and be ready for peak performance.

– Massage promotes the release of serotonin, a hormone that is required for the efficient production of melatonin (the body’s built-in sleep-inducer). Serotonin is known as being a “feel good” hormone, as are dopamine and endorphins, all of which are released during a massage therapy session.

– Tired of losing sleep due to restless leg syndrome (RSL)? Massage can help thanks to its ability to improve circulation and the release of hormones.

If drifting off to la-la-land regularly eludes you, you owe it to yourself to take proactive steps to improve your quality of sleep. Connect with the team of registered massage therapists at Life Therapies to discover how massage can make a positive different in your life. After all, self-care is about putting YOU first and you can’t do that without a good night sleep!