Here at Life Therapies, we are often asked “What is Manual Osteopathy?”

Manual Osteopathic Practitioners are educated and trained to work exclusively without the use of drugs or surgery by using manual methods for structural assessment and treatment. This is the predominant method of education worldwide (outside of the USA) and it is what is currently present in Canada.

The next most common question we are asked is “Can manual osteopathy help me?”

Osteopathic Manual Practitioners use a holistic model, understanding that there is a connection between the physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. With a gentle “hands-on” or “manual” approach, they identify the root cause of the problem and restore order to all of the systems, including the musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive, and nervous system.

The osteopaths at Life Therapies are committed to treating the individual as a whole by integrating the mind, body and spirit to help you feel better. Osteopathy looks for the causes of dysfunction, treating the body as a whole. As a natural medicine, it applies the knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the body to all types of various diseases, disorders, and dysfunctions.

Osteopathy Fast Fact

In the United Kingdom, all patients who use osteopathic services are encouraged to provide feedback on their experiences – be they good or bad. Information is gathered and analyzed annually by a team of researchers. Trend data is captured anonymously and shared with the osteopathic profession to improve patient care. Interestingly, according to the National Council of Osteopathic Research Patient Reported Outcome Measures, data collected in 2016 noted that 89% of patients reported an improvement in their symptoms one week after treatment.