Make Time For Yourself at Life TherapiesWhen did you last put aside some time for yourself? What if we told you there was a treatment that could address the body as a whole? And that by discovering this treatment, you could put yourself first and still have plenty of time to spare? Enter the world of Osteopathic Manual Treatment!

Osteopathic treatment addresses the individual as a whole by integrating the mind, body, and spirit to help you feel better.

Kimberly Robertson (Osteopathic Manual Practitioner & Registered Kinesiologist) is accepting new clients. She treats a wide range of patients including adults, babies, children, pregnant women, pre/post natal, and the elderly. She has a special interest in treating children, head trauma, whiplash, low back pain, post surgical recovery, rehabilitation, and visceral issues.

Not sure if Osteopathic treatment is for you? Contact our office and ask us how Kimberly can help!