Life Therapies is honoured to have been a sponsor of the inaugural Walk of Light in support the “Can’t Dim My Light” foundation.

Can’t Dim My Light was started by Melinda and Erik Karlsson because of a desire to bring awareness to bullying and cyber bullying in hopes of breaking down barriers and promoting inclusion, compassion and equality. Being a ‘bully’ is not an identity, it’s a behaviour. By shining a light on these behaviours, we can help enact positive change and create a society where asking for help is easier and better received.

The $50,000 raised at the inaugural event will go to the Ottawa organization, Proud To Be Me, and will be used to offer six-week anti-bullying workshops in local high schools. The funds raised will also be used to install “buddy benches” on the playground of Ottawa-area elementary schools.

For more information, visit Can’t Dim My Light at and Proud to be Me at