Hello to all our valued clients!

We hope that this email finds you well during these extraordinary times. We are hopeful that we will return to providing in-person treatments in the very near future. Until then, we wanted to reach out to see how you are faring and to reassure you that we are here to help maintain your treatment from the comfort of your home using virtual sessions.

We understand that some clients are hesitant about the benefits of virtual consults. We have compiled some helpful information on the many benefits of tele-rehabilitation here. Our experienced Physiotherapists and Osteopathic Manual Practitioners are still here to help you until we can meet again in person.

How to get in touch:
General Email info@lifetherapies.ca
Elliot Vlad (Osteopathic Manual Practitioner)  info@lifetherapies.ca
Tamara Bond-Vlad (Registered Physiotherapist) Tamara@lifetherapies.ca
Kimberly Robertson (Osteopathic Manual Practitioner) Kimberly@lifetherapies.ca
Jagisha Sekhri (Registered Physiotherapist) Jagisha@lifetherapies.ca
Sarah Martins (Registered Physiotherapist) Sarah@lifetherapies.ca

Keep well and stay in touch!