For the last few months, we have been sharing the monthly Action for Happiness calendar. It appears that many of our social media followers love the calendar. So much so, they download, print and post a copy on their community bulletin boards at work. These comments reminded all of us here at Life Therapies that even what we might perceive as small or insignificant actions can promote positivity and happiness.

For April, the team at Action for Happiness put an emphasis on moving more, getting outside and staying active.

action for happiness active april

Are you ready to give you mind and body a boost?

Download your copy of the April Calendar at

You can download the calendar as an image file for sharing via social media or as a PDF file for printing out. You can also take advantage of an option to download the actions directly to Google Calendar or iCalendar file. They offer a special PDF version for those who want to print out in black & white. Finally, there are countless language options, too!

  • French: Avril Actif – PDF & JPG
  • Italian: Aprile Attivo – PDF & JPG
  • German: Aktiver April – PDF & JPG
  • Spanish: Abril Activo – PDF & JPG
  • Catalan: Abril Actiu – PDF & JPG
  • Portuguese: Abril Ativo – PDF & JPG
  • Ukrainian: Активний Квітень – PDF & JPG
  • Hungarian: Aktív Április – PDF & JPG
  • Russian: Активный Апрель – PDF & JPG
  • Polish: Aktywny Kwiecień – PDF & JPG
  • Bulgarian: Активният Април – PDF & JPG
  • Chinese: 活跃的四⽉ – PDF & JPG
  • Nepali: सक्रिय अप्रिल – PDF and JPG