How can a Personal Trainer help?

A personal trainer can help you reach your goals in the area of human movement and performance. These may include rehabilitation, ergonomics, education, sport specific training, weight loss, and general health and wellness. This is done by understanding your needs, developing a plan of action, and implementing the individualized exercise program.

What should I expect from treatment at Life Therapies?

At Life Therapies, Kaitlyn Williams utilizes the rehab setting (no large gym equipment) to support those wishing to strengthen their core, and improve strength or flexibility in any area. She will develop a structured workout routine that can help retrain and fortify your muscles, allowing you to better move every part of your body with comfort and ease. Her goal is to reduce pain and improve range of motion, ultimately improving strength and function. 

Kaitlyn works with people to help build a strong foundation for overall health and create sustainable habits that last. This includes helping her patients work through mindset barriers so they can take control of their ability to perform movements and daily tasks. Kaitlyn’s approach is both wholesome and holistic, incorporating mobility, stability, rehab, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching. Such an approach, over the long term, can increase longevity and pain-free living.

Personal training may be included within the treatment plan by your physiotherapist or can be utilized by individuals looking to get healthier and stronger.

Treatments available include:

  • Postural analysis
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Core stabilization

Personal training is offered in-person at the Life Therapies clinic or as virtual sessions.