Administrative Assistant

Yalinca is a part-time Administrative Assistant at Life Therapies.

Yalinca originally comes from London, England, where after finishing her Business Studies at West Thames College in 2008 accumulated over 10 years of Customer service, Retail and Admin experience. In addition, she has experience with volunteering to support London youth projects, fundraising for animal veterinary centres and other charities. She has continued her love for charity work alongside her love for art & gaming via Fundraising charity Livestreams and is coincidentally how she met her now Husband and made the choice to move to Canada in 2018.

The years prior to moving to Canada, Yalinca abruptly began suffering from headaches, migraines and eyesight issues that she could find no cause to other than possible high levels of stress. Though initially frustrated, Yalinca became inspired by this to improve her wellbeing by changing her dietary needs and lifestyle. She is ecstatic to be joining the Life Therapies team whose mission statement is and are dedicated to helping individuals improve their overall health.

In her free time, Yalinca has a love for Art and is currently studying with online Art classes and tutorials to strengthen her skills. Yalinca enjoys meditating, exercising and even likes to relax with a movie or game while at home.

Yalinca joined Life Therapies in November 2020 and is happy and grateful to be working with such a wonderful team.