Oksana Lutsiuk
MD (Europe), DOMP
Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Oksana received her medical diploma from National Medical University in Kyiv, Ukraine. After graduating, she worked as an orthopaedic surgeon for 18 years. Oksana performed orthopaedic surgery, trauma surgery, as well as provided pain blocks and injections for neurological and orthopaedic conditions. Her prior medical knowledge and experience made for a seamless transition into the practice of Osteopathy.

After moving to Canada, Oksana pursued her interest in Osteopathy. She graduated with honours from the Southern Ontario College of Osteopathy in Mississauga. During her study, Oksana conducted research and wrote a thesis on osteopathic treatments for hip joint pain due to osteoarthritis. Her work focused on reducing joint pain and restoring joint mobility through osteopathic joint mobilization techniques and muscle energy, visceral, and cranial techniques.

Oksana also has a certification in laser therapy, which is very beneficial for the treatment of pain and inflammation. Oksana is passionate about providing exceptional osteopathic treatment to her patients. She continues to learn new techniques and methods to treat or minimize symptoms, thereby improving the quality of life of her patients. Oksana is a member of the National Manual Osteopathic Society.

In her spare time, Oksana enjoys spending time with her family, reading, walking, biking, and her new-found sport, curling.

Oksana looks forward to helping you along your journey to recovery.