Administrative Assistant

Jess is currently a full-time Administrative Assistant at Life Therapies.

In her spare time, Jess is a freelance illustrator and artist. She has been wielding her pens and paintbrushes from a very young age and self-taught herself Photoshop and Illustrator to enhance her digital art skills. She developed her love for art through animation and video games as a young child, and these continue to be her muses.

Jess also has an extensive background in electronics, stemmed from watching her father tinker with computers, and following in his footsteps. She is extremely tech savvy, and enjoys learning about new technology as it develops. This passion would pave the way to her eventual management positions at many well known electronics stores such as Best Buy, The Source, and EB Games. There, she also honed her skills as a customer service representative, which continue to aid her in her current position.

Jess is eager to please and excited to be a member of the Life Therapies team!