Jagisha Sekhri

Jagisha Sekhri
Registered Physiotherapist, Certified Manual Therapist

Jagisha Sekhri is a sought-after Pelvic Health Coach and a Registered Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist based in Ottawa, Canada.

Jagisha has a wide range of skills and more than a decade of experience in neurological and orthopedic rehab. She is well-known for helping clients find relief from pelvic complaints such as pain, prolapse, urgency, incontinence, and diastasis recti through her programs.

A lifelong learner, Jagisha completed a 8 month Certification in Connect Therapy taught by Dr.Linda-Joy Lee International (Institute for Physiotherapy and Movement) in 2017. She takes an organized approach to finding the underlying cause of musculoskeletal pain or Pelvic floor dysfunctions. The drivers of pain and Pelvic floor discomfort are usually pain free, and this approach helps her locate and address them. Her approach also helps restore function and greatly reduces the risk of recurrence in conditions like low back pain, hip pain, shoulder impingement, rotator cuff injuries, plantar fasciitis or any pelvic floor conditions like leaks, pelvic organ prolapse, urgency or pelvic pain.

As a Certified Internal Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and Certified in Diaphragm-Pelvic floor Piston for adult population & Bridge The Gap between Rehab and Fitness taught by the highly respected Julie Wiebe, she helps women restore pelvic floor functions during pregnancy or postpartum. Jagisha takes an integrated approach to treat conditions like Sacro-Iliac pain, hip pain, tailbone pain, incontinence, urgency, pelvic pain because of pelvic floor insufficiencies, especially during pregnancy or after childbirth. In 2020, She also got Certified in Female Chain Reaction, a program by Gray Institute, which bridges the gap between pelvic floor rehab and functional movements, so that women are ready to do daily activities, walk, run, do yoga or weight training with no pelvic floor dysfunctions.

Jagisha completed her Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy (2006) from one of the top medical institutions in India and followed it up with a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy (specialization in Neurology).She has been living in Canada with her family since 2012 and has been practicing as a Physiotherapist here since 2015.

Her focus is always to uncover the underlying causes of the symptoms and she believes in treating them with facilitation, core activation and exercises focused on those underlying causes. This strategy is what helps her clients gain long-term benefits.

Jagisha enjoys spending time in nature and loves camping and hiking. She also enjoys sketching and developing new skills every year.

Jagisha always looks forward to helping people enhance the integrity of their body.

Hours: 8am-3pm Monday, 8am – 4pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and alternate Fridays from 8am -3pm

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