Jagisha Sekhri
Registered Physiotherapist, Certified Manual Therapist

Jagisha has a wide range of skills and experience as both a neurological and orthopaedic Physiotherapist. She enjoys helping individuals on their journey to recovery while working in a private setting to ensure quality care.

Jagisha completed her Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy (2006) from one of the top medical institutions in India and followed it up with a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy (specialization in Neurology). 

Jagisha started her career as a Physiotherapist in an 800 bed super-specialty hospital in New Delhi, India. She worked in spinal-rehab which typically included clients with back pain, spinal cord injury and spinal surgery.

Jagisha has recently completed her Certification in Manual Therapy adding to her repertoire of experience in techniques such as Muscle Energy Technique, Core Stabilization Technique and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation. 

Jagisha has been living in Canada with her family since 2012 and has been practicing as a Physiotherapist in some fast paced clinics in Ottawa since 2015, treating many conditions including back, shoulder, hip and knee pain. She has also worked with seniors for fall prevention and balance improvement. She is a strong believer of facilitation, core activation and exercises which, together with manual therapy techniques, help the client gain longterm benefits from treatment. 

Jagisha enjoys spending time in nature, and loves camping and hiking. She also likes sketching and developing new skills every year.

Jagisha is looking forward to helping you achieve your optimal physical health. To see Jagisha, please contact Life Therapies to schedule your appointment or click below to reserve your physiotherapy session online.

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