Administrative Assistant

Heather is a visual artist and illustrator specializing in ink and has a strange and no-nonsense love of ballpoint pens and nature. With a passion for the simple joys in life and self sustainable living, she believes beauty is found in the often overlooked and seemingly random details. Heather believes everyone, and everything, has a story of strength and beauty to tell. Inspired by the stories of others, her passion is to weave them together into a collective whole so that everyone may see their own inner shine. Her greatest passion is that everyone, no matter how weary, feels hope. Her greatest joy is knowing more about you and the special foibles that make you intrinsically unique and what inspires you.

Heather joins Life Therapies as an administrative assistant with 15 years in marketing and project management, a career she accidentally fell into after pursuing a completely different degree. After finding herself working in the non-profit sector, she moved into clinical client care.

Her dream is to own her own non-profit garden nursery and creative co-op – a home for everyone. She can often be found chatting with strangers about philosophy, blowing off social engagements to catch the latest episode of Dr. Who, and listening to the blues while jumping into odd craft projects or gardening.