Office Manager

Amber is the full-time Office Manager at Life Therapies. She brings with her a broad range of experience in administrative roles and hospitality. Along with having over 9 years of work experience, Amber has studied Public Health at the University of Waterloo.

After completing her degree in 2017, Amber felt conflicted with what to do with her life, and decided to follow her passion for travel by moving to New Zealand to travel the country with her partner in a camper van. She had such a great experience there, that she has since lived in Australia for 2 years, and travelled to over 15 countries. Some of her highlights from her travels were multi-day hikes through the mountains in New Zealand, scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, and attending one of the world’s largest music festivals in Belgium.

Amber was able to travel long-term by always working along the way. She has held hospitality roles at a number of resorts- including a ski resort on an active volcano in New Zealand and a tropical private island in Australia. Most recently, she managed a family-owned hostel in Queensland, where she was reminded of how much she loves administrative work and being part of a small, dynamic team.

Now that she has moved back home, Amber is excited to have the opportunity to be part of the amazing team at Life Therapies. Always feel free to approach her with any inquiries you may have.