Please join us in welcoming Kaitlyn Williams, Personal Training Specialist & Physiotherapy Assistant, to the Life Therapies team 🎉

Kaitlyn graduated from the Health & Fitness Promotion Program at Algonquin Careers Academy in 2015. She is Canfit Pro Certified as a Personal Training Specialist. Since graduating, she has taken a number of courses, including Prehab 101, FMT Fascial Mobility Specialist (foam rolling, massage stick work, mobility ball techniques), Exos Fitness Specialist, and Darby Training System Level 1.

Kaitlyn works with people to help build a strong foundation for overall health and create sustainable habits that last. This includes helping her patients work through mindset barriers so they can take control of their ability to perform movements and daily tasks. Kaitlyn’s approach is both wholesome and holistic, incorporating mobility, stability, rehab, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching. Such an approach, over the long term, can increase longevity and pain-free living.

When not at work, Kaitlyn enjoys spending time with her young son. She is an avid hiker and participant in obstacle course races. Kaitlyn is excited to be working with the team at Life Therapies, and she looks forward to helping you on your journey to become stronger and healthier.

To schedule your appointment with Kaitlyn, visit or call 613-422-8939

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